About Biltong

Biltong is a traditional South African beef snack which has been produced and consumed by millions of people for over a century. Originally it was produced by the first Dutch South African settlers out of a need to preserve meat for use over prolonged periods of time without the convenience of refrigeration. Since this early time, Biltong has now become an extremely healthy favourite snack consumed by millions of biltong lovers around the world. The word ‘biltong’ is derived from the Dutch words bil (rump) and tong (strip or tongue).

Unlike “Beef Jerky” which is typically an artificially preserved and processed product, biltong is 100% naturally produced and contains no artificial preservatives or chemicals. Biltong can be produced in a number of different flavours including traditional, chilli, safari, hunters etc. The finished product can also be supplied in a number of different variations depending on each person’s preference, such as ‘beer sticks’, sliced or in thicker whole pieces.

Our unique products are all expertly processed by hand under meticulous quality control procedures and supervision and differ substantially from the tasteless, dried out, mass produced processed ‘meat’ snacks typically found on retail shelves.

Only first grade, trimmed, extra lean beef cuts are used to prepare our deliciously healthy, full flavoured, ready-to-eat snack. Whole slices of beef are hand-cut, deep marinated and seasoned and then expertly slow - cured to provide the perfect end product. Our unique process ensures the concentration of distinctive flavours and nutritional qualities.
These Biltong products may be purchased directly on-line via our web site or from popular outlets throughout the greater Brisbane and S.E. Queensland area. Should you require information regarding the location of the nearest retail outlet to you that are selling our products, please send us an e-mail containing your postcode and we will forward you the details of a retailer nearest to you.

Apart from a great taste, our biltong products exhibit exceptional nutritional qualities and are particularly appealing to those of us who are health and diet conscious. Biltong is also an excellent stimulant for those people wishing to increase or tone muscle mass or as a diet supplement.

Our biltong products appeal to people of all ages, from teething toddlers to senior citizens. Our snacks are a healthy treat for growing children; the traditional sticks make a terrific, no mess pacifier for teething infants and are great lunch-box fillers for the kids and Dad. Just be sure to pack a bit extra for the friends!

These biltong products are a great low fat, high-protein, high energy "on the go” meal or snack, suitable for all variations of outdoor pursuits. Unlike most foodstuffs, they require no refrigeration, no special storage considerations and doesn’t crush or melt like other snacks. Great for hiking and bush-walking when space and weight are a serious consideration. It can even be reconstituted over a camp fire and eaten as a stew.

Biltong is a superb accompaniment to your favourite tipple and is fantastic in salads or even on a sandwich.
Finely chopped or ground biltong combined with cream, mushrooms and onion, cooked and liquidised, results in probably the best pâté you are ever likely to taste.

The only limitation to its use is your imagination!!!

Biltong contains: Salt Pepper Coriander Nutmeg and Worcestershire sauce.

For any questions or concerns please contact us on (07) 3245-3005